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Silent mode in Android 5.0 Lollipop (English)

A workaround for getting silent mode on Android OS Lollipop which doesn’t require rebooting your phone!

The newest update of Android OS, Lollipop, has brought with an unforseen and annoying surprise. Certainly for those of use who use our smartphones as alarm clocks! Google has removed the ability to put your phone into silent mode – whether this change is intentional or not remains unknown. But the fact remains that turning the volume down, only puts the phone into vibrate mode – to your great annoyance if you want to NOT hear your phone when apps such as Facebook has a notification for you, but you DO want to be able to hear your alarm clock.

A work-around, which does not involve rebooting your phone, follows below. This method has been tested and works on Samsung Galaxy S5 phones.

Turn down the volume as far as possible – effectively putting your phone into vibrate-mode.


Go into the phones settings and locate Sound and Notifications as shown below.



Scroll down and choose Vibration Intensity.



Turn Notifications vibrations way down. Leave incoming calls turned up if you want the phone to still vibrate on incoming calls.



And voila – your phone is now in silent mode! Your alarm clock will work but you won’t get tossed out of class because your phone vibrates noisily or get disturbed by notifications in the middle of the night 😉 


4 thoughts on “Silent mode in Android 5.0 Lollipop (English)

  1. Dave says:

    Thank you. Appreciate it. However, I remain frustrated how they could mess up something so simple and dump work on the user to perform a simple function like an alarm clock. I’ve been going back to my iPad for an alarm which is sad.

  2. Albert van Harten says:

    We agree, this is frustrating. Let’s hope, the silent function will return in later versions or updates.

  3. Tim van der Lans says:

    Thnx this works 🙂 Nice thinking! Though I miss my vibration mode now…. Google messed up big time.


    • Albert van Harten says:

      You’re welcome – graag gedaan.

      As far as we know, Google has fixed it somehow, but the fix does not work on all phones. There should also be some apps to manage silence mode and vibration mode, however third party isn’t always the best solution …


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