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Computer a plague? Computernørderne!

IT should not be a plague. We know how things work. We’d like to help you.

We don’t like it, when you are having difficulties with your IT. Our ears and eyes hurt, when somebody tells us, their computer is a real plague. We want to help you, no matter if you’re a private person or a company.

Computernørderne (meaning: the computer geeks) is a very special, unique company. Ofcourse, just like any other IT company, we will assist you when all hell has broken loose on your IT system. But do you know why all hell broke loose? Better yet: do you know, what you could’ve done to prevent from all hell breaking loose? We do.

Let Computernørderne tell you what to do, to have your IT system working optimal. Let Computernørderne teach you to do things in the right way. Let Computernørderne be your guide. We will take all your IT difficulties out of your hands, and put them onto our shoulders. No worries. Even not about the price. Even financially are we very fair.

We love IT, and we are the experts. Not only for your Windows pc, but also your Mac, iPhone Android-phone or Smart TV. And everything that is connected with that, one way or another.

You can call us:  +45 7020 0930. Or you can send us an e-mail:

Within the next five centuries, we will translate the subpages to English. Be patient 🙂