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Computernørderne – When IT is against you. Or before its too late

(if you want to see this text in Danish – please click here)

We help, when the … well … something got thick.

We’d rather help to avoid the hum hum gets thick.

Call or write us if you need ad hoc IT help. Or if you want to prevent from getting need to acute IT help in future

Remote support?
I have Windows
I have a Mac

(note: the legal text in the remote support app is in Danish)

+45 70 20 09 30

IT should not be against you

We, Computernørderne, know how IT works

We can and we want to help you. Whether you are fighting against Excel, Windows cannot start, your ISP does not understand you, you got a virus, Googles user interface is suddenly totally different, your doctor’s got a new system that does not suit you, or you own a company and you need to comply with GDPR – call us.